Flaviu Rogojan
(b.1990) is an artist and curator from Cluj- Napoca. Using references from technology, movies, video games, and internet culture, he deals with different aspects of the layered worlds we live in, navigating both online and offline spaces. Mixing obscure factoids and nerdy stories while drawing inspiration from conceptual art strategies, his projects weave together different fictions and narratives.
Selected Projects and Exhibitions

Curatorial Project Middle Grounds and Dissonances
Pop up exhibitions:
Habitats of Sensing - Mihaela Vasiliu & Lera Kelemen, Aici Acolo Timișoara, Romania
Multispecies Landscape - Andreea Anghel & Mimi Ciora Aici Acolo Timișoara, Romania
Short residencies in Cluj-Napoca with artists: Andreea Anghel, Mimi Ciora, Mihaela Vasiliu, and Lera Kelemenb

Media Art Festival Arad 8 Kinema Ikon, Arad, Romania
Off World Colonies Indecis Artist Run Space, Timișoara
Future Perfect #4 - curated by Mona Vătămanu & Florin Tudor B5 Studio, Târgu Mureș, Romania
Our Other Us - curated by Mihnea Mircan Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara, Romania
Co-Curator There are Dreams That Walk With Us in Our Shadowy Reality Rubik & Aici Acolo, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Millions of Ruins - Adrian Ganea, Thea Lazăr, Flaviu Rogojan
Galeria Quadro, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Déluge (group show) - Hortensia Mi Kafchin & Flaviu Rogojan Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Curator PHB, Dan Beudean, Arhiva Adrian Pătruț Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Curator Sidequests - Adrian Ganea, George Crîngașu, Maria Balea Zina Gallery, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Co-Curator Off Season Artist Residency Picasso, Radhima, Albania

Curatorial Project Fictions of Tech & Life - Aici Acolo Exhibitions
Pop-up exhibitions:
At the Center of the World there is a Fiction, Aici Acolo Cluj-Napoca, Romania
ppm#5 @ the workplace, Aici Acolo Cluj-Napoca, Romania
In Parallel Universes Different Things Happen, Aici Acolo Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Residencies: Cătălina Bucos, Smaranda Ursuleanu, Megan Dominescu

The Museum Affair, Paintbrush Factory, Zoologic Museum și Ethnographic Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Media Art Festival Arad 6 Kinema Ikon, Arad, Romania
Hax! (solo show) - Flaviu Rogojan Galeria Klubovna, Brno, Czech Republic
Drowning in a Sea of Data - curated by Joao Laia, Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain
Nature/Nature - curated by Mirela Baciak Kunstverein Niederösterreich, Vienna, Austria
Curatorial Project Maps and Mapping: Cartographic Tools and Practices Aici Acolo Cluj & Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest
Media Art Festival Arad 5 Arad Museum Complex, Arad, Romania
From Within (solo show) - Flaviu Rogojan Pilot, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Internet of ki Kinema Ikon, Arad, Romania
Inter-structures City Gallery, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germania
Raygun (solo show) - Flaviu Rogojan Camera K’Arte, Tg. Mureș, Romania
Does Looking at a Picture of the Sun Hurt Your Eyes? (solo show) - Flaviu Rogojan Obroncow Stalingradu 17, Szczecin, Polonia
Air Time, Transeuropa Festival, Pariser Platz, Berlin
Dear Money, Viennafair, Viena, Austria Is a Title Neccesary? - curated by Ciprian Mureșan Salonul de Proiecte, Anexa MNAC, Bucharest
Carrotand Stick: the L*** ** and the Upsidedown - curated by Stefano Calligaro Baril, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
R255G0 B255, Paintbrush Factory, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
ContemporaryPast: Moving Images as Fluid Memory, Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania
Portal (Solo show) - Flaviu Rogojan Expo Maraton, Galeria Casa Matei, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Single Image
Flaviu Rogojan
Assymetriad, 2021
dye transfer on paper
100 x 57 cm
Single Image
Flaviu Rogojan
Deluge Earth, 2021
dye transfer on paper
59 x 42 cm
Single Image
Flaviu Rogojan
Octopucker, 2021
dye transfer on paper
95 x 70 cm
Single Image
Flaviu Rogojan
Octopon Symmetriad, 2021
dye transfer on paper
25 x 21 cm
Single Image
Flaviu Rogojan
Dark Water (I), 201
dye transfer on paper & trilobite fossil
21 x 15 cm